Newsletter Article – January 2015

Are You The Answer To The “BIG QUESTION”?

How do you answer the BIG QUESTION? The question each of us either out loud or in our minds, each time we must choose with whom we will do business.

“Given all of the options, including doing nothing at all, why would I want to do business with YOU?”

This question is a huge consideration for your prospective clients and your potential referrers.

WHY, should someone want to do business with you? Sometimes it is clear-cut. Perhaps you are a great clinician — you specialize in just what the client needs — that is WHY. Perhaps you are the only clinician within walking distance of your clients — that is WHY. At other times, it may not be so clear-cut.

Let’s say your client lives within 5 miles of 100 therapists, all who work with issues of depression. Now WHY should they choose you? What sets you apart? What makes you the best choice?

Perhaps your name is the one your client got from her primary physician. Perhaps yours is the name the potential client was given by a co-worker three years ago. Perhaps she’s seen your name in relation to community workshops you’ve been doing lately.

The big message here is that you have to set yourself apart from the pack. We get to do that in session by providing quality services and great value to our clients, and that’s great once you get them in the door.

Start thinking about how you will set yourself apart to those you’ve not yet met. What can you do to establish credibility and trust with your target market as a way to help them answer their “BIG QUESTION”? 

Is there some writing or speaking you can do to get known as an expert in your field?  Are there influential people in your market who will be happy to recommend you? 

Who do you want to meet this week? Who will be happy to pass along your name to someone in need of your services? What do you want to do this month to let folks know that you have the answer to their “BIG QUESTION”?

Deb Legge, PhD CRC LMHC

Dr. Legge is known nationally as “The Private Practice Mentor”.  Deb helps mental health professionals make more money in private practice and she is licensed to teach Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid® marketing system for service professionals.  Her work has been featured by ACA, Counseling Today, AMHCA, ACA-NY, and in her website,   For more information about how to get more clients and referrals, download her free Rapid Referrals Report:

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One Day Conference * 2015*




“A dynamic, inspiring and relational approach to professional and personal ethics & empowerment

MARCH 20, 2015


8:15 – 9:00 AM Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00am to 3:00pm

Presentation and Lunch

$79 for RIMHCA members

$109 for non-members
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If you have questions regarding your membership status, please contact Ashley at

A copy of one of Cedar’s books,  Right Use of Power: Ethics with Heart, included in tuition

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exercise power ethically. The Right Use of Power is an engaging approach to ethics that recognizes the complex dynamics that come with the positions of influence and authority in the therapeutic relationship.

• Find out how to stay connected and repair conflict.

• Learn about power styles and power dynamics.

• Become clearer and more pro-active with feedback, boundaries, dual role relationships.

• Use the power spiral for ethical decision-making.

• Explore the complexities of the power differential.

• Increase your skillfulness when your impact doesn’t match your intention.

 • Understand the ethical importance of self-care.

Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., C.H.T. brings 30 years of experience as a Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapist, International Trainer and Ethics Consultant to the development of this approach to ethical compassion and wisdom.  She is the author of “Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics” and co-authored “Living in the Power Zone: How Right Use of Power Can Transform Your Relationships”.  She is the Ethics Topic Expert for  and is the Director and Founder of The Right Use of Power Institute in Boulder, CO

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Raising Safe Kids Workshop

March 23 & 24, 2015 A 2-Day National Training Program plus materials: Adults and Children Together - Raising Safe Kids Program (ACT RSK). This evidence-based caregiver workshop from the American Psychological Association strengthens young families to raise kids in safe and nurturing homes. Parenting sessions address child development, anger, conflict, challenging child behaviors, and technology. 12 CEs available for LMHC/MFT, LICSW, Psy/Phd. REGISTRATION:  More information on ACT RSK follow this link: or send questions to

This program is sponsored by the Massachusetts Psychological Association. Massachusetts Psychological Association is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Massachusetts Psychological Association maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Director of Operations, ACT at NE Regional Center
Lemberg Children’s Center
at Brandeis University
Waltham MA

Phone: 781-552-6500
Fax: 781-863-5391

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
40 Holland Dr., Somerville, MA
Licensed Independent Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
4 Militia Dr. Suite 15, Lexington MA

Small Group Supervision Seminar Opportunity


      These on-going supervision groups are for practicing therapists interested in enhancing therapeutic impact and deepening clinical skills. The focus is on developing the relational capacity to engage clients in deeply experiential, high impact work in the here-and-now.
      Group work includes case consultation, tracking affective states, heightening therapeutic presence, mindful self-disclosure, meta-processing, working with attachment patterns, boundary and role dilemmas, private practice development, and more.
      These groups meet for 2 hours and are limited to 8 members. Participants are immersed in a highly experiential, emotion-focused, attachment-based model grounded in field theory and contemporary relational Gestalt.
Particular attention is given to:
  •     Therapeutic presence & embodiment
  •     Tracking the phenomenology of affect in self and other
  •     Core schema activation in the here-and-now
  •     Supporting transformative processes within a holding environment
  •     Attending to cycles of attunement, disruption, and repair
  •     Therapist’s role in dyadic affect regulation
  •     Deepening sensitivity to our own and others’ attachment tendencies
  •     Developing an embodied sensitivity to the dynamics of affective fields
The overall purpose of the group is to provide a supportive community in which to:
  • Continually renew one’s commitment to – and excitement about – the work
  • Develop one’s private practice within a context of strong mutual support, and deep connection with like-minded colleagues
For more information, feel free to contact me:
Archie Roberts, LMHC
(401) 709 – 4295

Newport Workshop:
A new, small group seminar (described above) for counselors in private practice. Maximum of 8 participants.
Group will be led by Archie Roberts, LMHC (; who has been leading successful and dynamic workshops all over the world.

Bellevue Counseling
174 Bellevue Ave, Suite 304-C
Newport, RI 02840

Spring semester 2015:
Monday February 9, 3-5pm
Monday February 23, 3-5pm
Monday March 9, 3-5pm
Monday March 23, 3-5pm
Monday April 6, 3-5pm
Monday April 20, 3-5pm

Continuing Education Credits:
12 hours, approved by RIMHCA

$390 for all 6 sessions (50% due Jan 15 and full payment by March 1)
For questions and registration, please contact:
Emily Fowler, LMHC

December Board Meeting cancelled, see you in January!

Dear RIMHCA members, current and future LMHCs, and all those interested in mental health,

In consideration of the holidays and the many demands—both personal and professional—the RIMHCA Board Meeting scheduled for December 8th at 6:30 has been cancelled.  This gift of time is a small token of appreciation for the commitment and effort demonstrated by Board Members.

We will resume our regular meeting schedule on Monday, January 5th, at 6:30 PM at 1985 Broad St. in Cranston, RI. 

Our goals for 2015 include:
  • Launching the re-designed RIMHCA web site with a focus on function and benefit for members and users
  • Finalizing the plans for our Spring Conference---"The Right Use of Power: Ethics with Heart" by Cedar Barstow, on March 20, 2015 bringing new energy to the practice of counseling!
  • Increasing the membership of RIMHCA by reaching out to LMHCs
  • Soliciting and responding to the needs and ideas of members to help further their satisfaction with RIMHCA and their profession

In the meantime, we wish you an exciting, calm, productive, relaxing, joy-filled, anything-you-want-it-to-be Holiday Season and New Year.


Newsletter Article –December 2014

When you are in business for yourself, you get to decide what you want to be known for in this world.  You get to choose and establish your “personal brand identity”.  Having a strong and consistent personal brand identity allows your target market to really get to know you.  It helps you establish credibility and trust with them.

Here are a few examples of qualities that you might want to include in your personal brand; these qualities should come through in everything you say and do as you develop a relationship with your target market.
  1. Be known as an authority (expert) in your field. Take the time to study your area of expertise and your market.  Keep learning and keep teaching what you know.  Become that “go-to” person when it comes to your market
  2. Be known as a leader.  Write and speak on topics that will help your target market solve their biggest problems.  Be innovative and visible in your market.  Take the lead and get involved in things related to those you serve
  3. Be known as authentic.  Show your:  competence; warmth; honesty; integrity; kindness; and consistency whenever possible
  4. Be known as a valuable resource.  Go the extra mile to help your target market.  Develop a network of colleagues and related services that you might recommend when serving your people
  5. Be known as generous.  Refer to others when appropriate.  Give without expectation
Your overall personal brand will evolve over time, but these qualities are timeless and will allow you to make real connections with your clients and your referrers.  They will help you establish credibility, likability, and trust.

Deb Legge, PhD CRC LMHC

Dr. Legge is known nationally as “The Private Practice Mentor”.  Her work has been featured by ACA, Counseling Today, AMHCA, ACA-NY, and in her website,   For more information about how to get more clients and referrals, download her free Rapid Referrals Report: