01.08.2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 1/08/2018 6:30pm

Attendees: Vera, Ashley, Michelle, Norma, Deidre 

  • Discussion on Website- adding titles and pictures of board members.
  • Accounting System- Financial spreadsheet, consider redevelopment. Need to identify cost, and determine what we input/export monthly. Goal is to simplify finances!
  • Ashley and Norma will develop a system to organize finances – Shared drive?
  • Banking- consider electronic banking or switching banks. Determine what makes the most sense. Michelle will follow up with her Aunt, who is an accountant, for recommendations.
  • Google Suite- seems to be working effectively.
  • Firewall- annual fee, web hosting? G-suite- $10.00 monthly
  • Report from bank account-$19, 598.81
  • Training-

March-Mental Health Evaluations in immigration Court

April- Eating Disorders by K. T.

RI Psych Association contacted Vera on the process for CEU’s- objectives are a bit much.

President- John Gerson

  • LMFT’s- CEU’s are the different(??) can they join LMHC’s??

Board perks

  1. CE’s (10)
  2. AMHCA- pay membership $199.
  3. Conference
  4. Member of good standing
  5. CEU’s
  • Develop a contract for accountability for Executive Board Members

Vera will draft something from By Laws


Increase numbers

Personal email to attendees, inviting members to become board members.

  • Discussion around developing an event that will encourage counselors

Individuals who work with children & Adolescents

8:30-10:30 BKFST meeting

Appeal to students and those in private practice

  • Discussed Recruitment Strategies for membership

110-120 members

  • Board Meetings- How can we make more appealing/meaningful to other members(??) Committees ??
  • Phil- what role would he like to have??
  • Insurance??
  • Holding ground- space for smaller groups of people- More personal. ?? libraries, Washington Trust

Adjourned 8:40pm