A Solid Foundation For Your Private Pay Private Practice

Being in private practice, you probably find yourself too often worrying about where your next client will come from.  The whole process of getting enough clients seems random and out of control.  And when you decide to focus on finding more private pay clients, the thought of filling your book seems even more scary and overwhelming. You know they’re out there, but you just don’t know where to look or how to start getting those private-pay clients through the door.

In general, if you want to get clients, you’ve got to get noticed.  People need to know why you are the best option for them.  All of your marketing must answer the BIG question – “Why, given all of my choices (including doing nothing at all), should I do business with YOU?”

The message you send in your marketing will be much more efficient and effective when you are “rock solid” about 3 critical things.

  1. Who you are, and what you do. When people ask what you do, don’t answer with your job title or description.  Be prepared to give them the information they need, to know if you are for them.  Tell them whom you serve and what BIG result people get when they work with you. Here is an example:  “I help people with panic disorder take their lives back from their anxiety so they can live their best lives”.  People who hear this from you immediately know if you are what they need
  1. Why you do it. You can reinforce and clarify your message by letting people know what you stand for, and why you get up in the morning to do what you do.  Let’s add to our first example:  “Very often people with anxiety are held back from relationships, responsibilities and living their lives.  I am passionate about helping them develop strategies to better manage their symptoms and find ways to put life on the front burner”.  This is your chance to show people your passion and drive – it helps to build your credibility and trust
  1. Your worth. Don’t be shy when talking about who you are, what you do, and why you do it.  It’s not self-absorbed or boisterous.  The fact is people who really need you need to know these things.  It’s your responsibility to let people know you are there as a resource to them.  You do good work.  What you do is extremely valuable to people in pain that need you.  Don’t sell them short by selling you short

Getting clear in your mind (and your message) about these three things can really boost your reach in the market.  When you can clearly and succinctly talk about what you do with passion and an honest desire to help those that need you, you will stand out in the crowd and get noticed.  That’s the foundation you need to fill your book whether or not you take insurance.

Deb Legge, PhD CRC LMHC


Dr. Deb Legge is known internationally as the Private Practice Mentor.  Over the past 21 years she has taught thousands of therapists how to build thriving practices, using the same proven strategies she uses to attract more private pay clients. She has released a FREE training called: “The Essentials of Private Pay”.  You can access this training absolutely FREE for a limited-time, by visiting: http://rapid-referrals.com/privatepay