Joining the RIMHCA Board

Since RIMHCA’s inception, the RIMHCA board has been comprised of motivated and caring individuals who have worked as a well-oiled machine to make good things happen for our members, our profession and the RI community.

We welcome new ideas, talent, and enthusiasm. We invite you to attend one of our monthly board meetings to introduce yourself, tell us about your ideas and skills, and hear more about what we do. Our tasks are varied and numerous as volunteers, from high-tech to low, social to administrative; there is something for everyone and we encourage you to consider serving in this wonderful organization.

The RIMHCA board serves the association by focusing on many important tasks to fulfill our mission of “Education, advocacy, collaboration, and support.” This year we sponsored 4 seminars and a day-long conference on “The Right Use of Power: Ethics with Heart.” We collaborate with the local graduate programs and visit graduate classes of mental health counseling students, providing them with updated news of the profession and inviting them to be a vital part of this RI organization of counselors. We stay abreast of legislative news and pass that and other information on to you, our members. We field many questions for members on a variety of issues. We review applications for CEUs for trainings around the state.

But board members get perks for their service, too! If you are a private practitioner, you know that it can sometimes feel a bit lonely and stressful in your office. On the board, we have become a close-knit group that enjoys the time we spend together and the sense of community that has grown up around us. On the practical side, “board member” looks good on your resume, CV or website; and being an active and attending participant of the board earns you 10 CEUs annually.

So if you have benefited in any way by the work of those who make these things happen, and would enjoy the benefits of board participation, please consider what you might be able to offer to the RIMHCA board, the leadership team working for the education, support, and advocacy of mental health counselors in the state of RI.

We ask that you help support a fragrance-free environment by refraining from using strongly scented personal products prior to attending our RIMHCA events. Thank you for your cooperation and care to those with this sensitivity.